Jun 20, 2011 - Nathan, Nikki, Sara and Erika    No Comments

First Father’s Day

Today, being my first Father’s Day as a father, was pretty awesome. I woke up early and hung out with Nathan for a bit. We then went over to Nikki’s mom and dad’s house for a bit. I left Nikki and Nathan there and got a haircut (approximately 3 months after I SHOULD have had one) and then went back. I picked Nikki up and went to have a father’s day lunch with her at Cheddar’s while Nathan spent time with his Grandmother. We came home and now Nikki’s at work. Nathan and I are hanging out and he’s spent 3 of the 4 hours Nikki’s been gone so far asleep.


This has been fantastic. I got a card from Nathan, a card from Nikki AND a card from my niece Erika! Sara left if with Nikki and told her to hide the car til today. I am a VERY lucky man and I just wish there were some way to show everyone how much I appreciate them.