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Aug 15, 2011 - Doctor Visit, Nathan    No Comments

4 Month checkup (at 5 months)

Today Nathan had his 4 month checkup, even though he’s 5 months (Hey, we were travelling!)

So he is doing quite well. Nothing out of the ordinary other than his being a bit small, since he was a preemie.

As of today, 8/15/11, Nathan is 10 pounds 2 ounces and 23.25 inches long! Dude is still at the FAAAAAAAAR end of the percentiles since he’s so tiny for a 5 month old, but the doctor said he is gaining ground quite nicely.

We’re going to finally start giving him some rice cereal in formula as well as switch his acid reflux meds since the old one, Zantac, wasn’t helping him as much as it used to. Now he’s on to Prilosec. Poor little dude.

Vaccinations, oh my!

Nathan’s appointment went well today! He got 3 vaccinations, 2 of which were shots. He cried for about 30 seconds and then stopped when I started holding him again. The Dr. said he’s developing well and that we can stop the “every 3 hours” feeding schedule and be a bit more common sensical about things which will make life so much easier. If the kids sleeping let him sleep for a bit!

Tonight I go shopping with my sister for a little shindig we’re having on Saturday to grill and have fun. If you’re in Texas, feel free to drop by!