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Back from Michigan!

I had really planned on blogging sooner, but you get what you get and you’ll like it!


Nathan’s meet and greet went awesome. Jenni Pell came and held Nathan for a bit, but he was having none of it! Eventually many many more people came! Nathan got to meet my friends Pat, Donovan, CJ, Donovan and CJ’s daughter Charlotte (so cute!), David, Travis, Denise, Josh, Lindsey (that’s probably spelled wrong, sorry!), Josh and Lindsey’s kiddo Logan (he has the hair of an angel! So curly! So awesome!). He also got to meet my parents friends Ann and Dean although they are really my friends too! On the relative side, he met Sam, Henna, Ghaz and FINALLY MET GRANDPA GEOFF! That’s right, he hadn’t actually seen my dad yet. He also got to see Sara and Erika again and my mom FINALLY got to hold him for the first time. It was so good to be able to finally make all of that happen. There was a funny moment when I asked Nathan if he wanted Pat to hold him, and then immediately shoved Nathan into Pat’s arms. Pat isn’t immediately comfortable with small kids, but you can tell he’ll be a great dad some day.

A few days later, Nathan also met my dad’s mother, so we’re talking GENERATIONS here people.

Also big thanks to Sam and my Aunt Kim for babysitting Nathan so that Nikki and I could go out to dinner with my parents and Sara and Erika! That meant the world to me, you don’t get a whole lot of chances like that, so thank you!

For a 4 month old, Nathan did REALLY well on our super long car trip. For a trip that normally takes between 18 and 20 hours, it wound up taking about 25 total. Having a kid who needs to stop every 2 hours to be changed and fed makes things take a BIT longer, but if he wasn’t hungry he hardly screamed or squirmed at all. I am so so blessed to have such a good kiddo. Big ups to Nikki for mostly staying back there with him and keeping him company. I know that helped him quite a lot!

As for the other reason for the trip, it was the annual cottage trip. This was the year the families were there so it was WAY different for a while. Instead of it being Donovan, Pat and I up at Pat’s cottage it was Nikki, me, Donovan, CJ, Charlotte, David, Pat and Nicole. We left Nathan at my parents to get a little break. What can I say, dude is needy and sometimes you gotta take a step back. After a few days, the womenfolk (and David) left and it was back to normal cottage times with Donovan, Pat and me.  We went kayaking which was fun, I’ll throw some pictures up in the photo album later. After a few days, eventually Nikki and Nathan joined us at the cottage so Nathan could get a little lake breeze. Sadly, a MASSIVE HEAT WAVE was coming through so we wound up getting a hotel room for Nikki and Nathan to stay in since there was no AC and we didn’t want Nathan to have to deal with the 108 degree heat.

We left the cottage on Friday so we could drive back over 3 days which wound up being SO much better. We drove from Oscoda, MI to Swartz Creek, MI. Then from Swartz Creek we drove to Michigan City, IN where we stopped for the night. We stayed at a hotel that wasn’t really anything special, it got the job done. The next morning we left Michigan City and drove all the way to Springfield, MO. We stayed the night at a Days Inn there that was just phenomenal. Nick at the front desk was one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met and the room was SUPER cheap and SUPER spacious compared to where we were the night before. Then, on Sunday we got HOME! It was weird being home after 2 weeks being gone, but comfy too.

My parents said they are going to try to come down in October or so, so that will be nice. It’s hard to travel with a little one, but this time next year he’ll be bigger so we’ll have all new problems and challenges. I can’t WAIT!

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First Father’s Day

Today, being my first Father’s Day as a father, was pretty awesome. I woke up early and hung out with Nathan for a bit. We then went over to Nikki’s mom and dad’s house for a bit. I left Nikki and Nathan there and got a haircut (approximately 3 months after I SHOULD have had one) and then went back. I picked Nikki up and went to have a father’s day lunch with her at Cheddar’s while Nathan spent time with his Grandmother. We came home and now Nikki’s at work. Nathan and I are hanging out and he’s spent 3 of the 4 hours Nikki’s been gone so far asleep.


This has been fantastic. I got a card from Nathan, a card from Nikki AND a card from my niece Erika! Sara left if with Nikki and told her to hide the car til today. I am a VERY lucky man and I just wish there were some way to show everyone how much I appreciate them.

So long and thanks for all the fish

Sara and Erika are gone back to Michigan. Having my sister here was so amazing it is beyond words. She made the transition home with Nathan so easy. Having Erika here reminded me why I had such a hard time moving to Texas in the first place. I love them and it’s going to be so hard having them gone. My sister took such good care of all of us when she was here. Nikki, Nathan and I were lucky to have her and I just hope she knows how appreciated she is.

So tonight is my first night home alone with the kiddo while Nikki works. I will *hopefully* be able to clean a bit and do laundry maybe but we’ll see how Nathan does tonight. I think we’ll have some good bonding time so yay!

I’m gonna miss them!

My sister and niece leave next Wednesday. It does NOT seem like they have been here for this long (over a month) but I don’t know how we would have survived without them. Sara has helped Nikki soooooooooo much and she’s helped me even more than she knows. Getting to see Erika react and bond with Nathan even while he’s so little is amazing. She truly loves him and it shows every day. She’ll sing to him to help him sleep, or she’ll kiss his blonde little head.

The transition to Nikki finding a new job and everything has been made so much better by having Sara here. I just wish there was some way we could show her.  The bonding time Sara and Nathan have had will hopefully begin the process of them being as close as Erika and me are now.

We have used Skype to talk to my mom and dad and let them see Nathan, so that’s going to be very very useful in the coming months.

I haven’t update the pictures site in a while but I will try either tonight or this weekend some time. I can’t tell you guys how much I love my family because I just don’t have the words.

Vaccinations, oh my!

Nathan’s appointment went well today! He got 3 vaccinations, 2 of which were shots. He cried for about 30 seconds and then stopped when I started holding him again. The Dr. said he’s developing well and that we can stop the “every 3 hours” feeding schedule and be a bit more common sensical about things which will make life so much easier. If the kids sleeping let him sleep for a bit!

Tonight I go shopping with my sister for a little shindig we’re having on Saturday to grill and have fun. If you’re in Texas, feel free to drop by!

Walkin’ in Memphis

So, Nikki and I took Nathan for a walk yesterday in his awesome stroller. It was a crazy bumpy ride but lil’ dude slept the whole time. We went with Richard and Yvonne, our neighbors from across the street and it was really nice.

Nathan has his first pediatricians appointment tomorrow, so we’ll see how he is faring outside of the hospital.
Photos of the kiddo can be found here

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Nathan is home!

So, as of Saturday Nathan has been home. He’s soooooooooo much less fussy now that he’s home rather than in the NICU. The nurses there were great but he just seems to be a homebody.

Also on Saturday, my sister Sara and niece Erika got to Texas! They are staying with Nikki, Nathan and me and are helping out with the kiddo for about a month. I’m SO grateful that my sister would do this, I can’t even explain it.

Of course, now that Nathan is home it starts a whole new world of issues. Feedings, medicines and what not… but I’m just SO happy to have him home.