Walkin’ in Memphis

So, Nikki and I took Nathan for a walk yesterday in his awesome stroller. It was a crazy bumpy ride but lil’ dude slept the whole time. We went with Richard and Yvonne, our neighbors from across the street and it was really nice.

Nathan has his first pediatricians appointment tomorrow, so we’ll see how he is faring outside of the hospital.
Photos of the kiddo can be found here

May 2, 2011 - Family, Nathan, Sara and Erika    No Comments

Nathan is home!

So, as of Saturday Nathan has been home. He’s soooooooooo much less fussy now that he’s home rather than in the NICU. The nurses there were great but he just seems to be a homebody.

Also on Saturday, my sister Sara and niece Erika got to Texas! They are staying with Nikki, Nathan and me and are helping out with the kiddo for about a month. I’m SO grateful that my sister would do this, I can’t even explain it.

Of course, now that Nathan is home it starts a whole new world of issues. Feedings, medicines and what not… but I’m just SO happy to have him home.